February 12

A day in the life of Molly aged 80

Hi there! I clearly remember that fabulous day when I was shooting a gorgeous 80 year old … What fun! And it made me think… there’s no time like the present – you got to get photographing the people you love. My pal, Beverley, who’s 57, was telling me how wonderful her mother is and […]

January 11

Best friends Brenda and Nelly

Hello there!  The other day I was walking through The Glades Shopping Mall in Bromley Kent – Yes folks, I was in deep English suburbia – when I saw two fabulous oldies sitting on a bench laughing, so I walked over to them and said: ‘Hello there girls , you look very happy!’ And they said ‘Ooh, […]

January 10

60 years of love.

I was walking through a shopping mall yesterday, when I noticed a smart older couple enjoying a sandwich. So, as I love to say hello to strangers, I said: ‘Hello there! Those sandwiches look nice, what are they?’ ‘Oh, we love them here.’ the lady replied. ‘They are egg mayonnaise.’ I sat down and began […]

January 06

Love in their Campervan

I fancied getting away from the e-mail world, so I took Victor the Volvo to Bexhill, not far from Hastings, for a day out at the English seaside. Bexhill is famous for two things – it’s elderly population and its fabulous 1930’s De La Warr Pavilion with its sweeps of glass. On a sunny day, this […]

January 03

Loneliness in Waitrose

My wife called me and asked me to pop into Waitrose to get some organic food. As I was leaving, I walked into the wonderful new cafe area. I noticed someone dressed very smart. He was a fabulous gentleman dressed immaculately with a tie and a checkered blazer. He had a small white moustache and nicely […]

November 14

Our wonderful Veterans

Hello there are 365 days in a year, however, there’s one day that is so special to me, my favourite day of the year – Remembrance Day. Every year, for the past 7 years I’ve been going to the Horse Guards Parade in London at 7 AM and I wait for the most wonderful people, our […]