April 04

Children are the recipe for happy pensioners.

Everyday I say hello there to an older person . I once remember chatting to a lovely lady named Mary Pix over breakfast who was in her 80s, and  she said something very sad. I asked her how she felt out of ten that day and she said ” oh  Duncan about 4 out of […]

April 04

The glorious Lord Wigram

I am fortunate to belong to the Royal Air Force Club in Piccadilly, London only because my father Maurice Cuthbert Raban was in the RAF. My dad was a Wing Commander, he flew Sunderlands, gigantic flying boats – What a hero he was. Bless dad, he’s up in heaven now with many other wonderful men […]

March 31

Tina Turner still dancing at 76

Before I tell you my story with another fabulous oldie Tina now 76 here is a few paragraphs about my journey from Superstars to the other superstars of life like lonley Bob in Waitrose.  I have been fortunate to photograph some of the worlds biggest stars however today my true love is saying hello to […]

March 30

A picture tribute to our wonderful Veterans

I love to give our wonderful Veterans a little celebrity treatment so here is a little tribute to these amazing men and women who gave everything for us all to be here today. To see 40 more pictures and a voice over to inspire our youth to say hello and thank our veterans for what […]

March 29

Amazing stories are everywhere

I have to say I am quite literally  astonished that my recent post about the golden oldie superstar Bob Woods sitting alone in a supermarket cafe has had over 200,000 views in the past 7 days. This has really inspired me to start  a #justsayhello campaign to work towards celebrating our wonderful older generation So […]

March 17

One tooth Geoffrey

I swim in a local pool and I often see a very tall man get into the water at the opposite end. He is probably 75 and he wears a very pulled up vintage swimming costume. On this day he was swimming backstroke. I could not help notice a fountain of water 2 feet high […]

March 08

Fabulous oldies swimming team

Everyday I go swimming at around 7 AM at the fabulous Orpington Swimming Baths. This daily routine has literally changed  my daily life, and helps me start the day with a spring in my step. Most of us struggle to get out of bed and I still do, however for me now the lure of […]