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March 30

A picture tribute to our wonderful Veterans

I love to give our wonderful Veterans a little celebrity treatment so here is a little tribute to these amazing men and women who gave everything for us all to be here today. To see 40 more pictures and a voice over to inspire our youth to say hello and thank our veterans for what […]

March 29

Amazing stories are everywhere

I have to say I am quite literally  astonished that my recent post about the golden oldie superstar Bob Woods sitting alone in a supermarket cafe has had over 200,000 views in the past 7 days. This has really inspired me to start  a #justsayhello campaign to work towards celebrating our wonderful older generation So […]

March 17

One tooth Geoffrey

I swim in a local pool and I often see a very tall man get into the water at the opposite end. He is probably 75 and he wears a very pulled up vintage swimming costume. On this day he was swimming backstroke. I could not help notice a fountain of water 2 feet high […]

March 08

Fabulous oldies swimming team

Everyday I go swimming at around 7 AM at the fabulous Orpington Swimming Baths. This daily routine has literally changed  my daily life, and helps me start the day with a spring in my step. Most of us struggle to get out of bed and I still do, however for me now the lure of […]

March 07

Our walking libraries of wisdom

It was 7:45 in the AM this morning and I was feeling like a sardine, sitting on a packed commute train toward London. As usual, no one was talking to each other. The front pages of the national newspapers said that one million elderly people are alone. Jeremy Hunt will make a speech to care […]

March 05

Roy of the Savoy

It’s funny, we all take many photographs of our children, from when they are born and on as they grow up throughout their childhood, and general family life, however, we rarely photograph the other end of one persons’ life. By this is mean no one thinks to photographing their grandparents or parents when they reach their […]

March 01

Londons most colourful lady.

Traveling on the London tube in the rush hour is no fun i was standing crushed in middle of all the packed commuters however, at the end of the carriage I could just see a ladies head a glow of bright pink which was unusual who is this I thought  so I pushed my way […]

February 27

The truly amazing Bobby and Liz

This was a day I will never ever forget as I met one of the most wonderful couples in Scotland  I was sitting in Victor the Volvo outside Ormond Street Hospital and I was reading Classic Car Weekly looking at Volvos 240 GL. I love these Volvos and I am always looking out to see […]

February 21

The delectable Shirley 93

Another rather nice person. Today, as I walked through Victoria Station in a hurry, late for a meeting, I noticed an older lady in a wheelchair with white bandages around both her hands. She looked alone as she was sitting in the middle of the station. As usual, people just bypassed her as if she […]

February 18

Superstar Alma 98

Yesterday was another one of those days when I met some of the world’s most marvelous human beings. It was the yearly remembrance service at Westminster Abbey to honor our veterans. I went there to say hello and hope to meet a few of our true heroes – our wonderful veterans – 3 days before Sunday, the […]