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No words can ever emulate what Lionel 94 saw seventy years ago on those battlefields of hell.

#justsayhello to a fabulous oldie today, ask them about their childhood and what their dreams were. Try asking a fabulous oldie  … “Is there on piece of advice you could give me to help me with my life?” and you will find these walking libraries of wisdom will say something that will be so special and […]

Hello everyone “Excuse the tears in my eyes”

Good morning to you all my name is John Moore I am 94. ”please excuse the tears in my eyes” Once upon a time I was a young happy 18 year old and then suddenley I had to go to represent our country in a war. So I did not have the teeange years many […]

November 15

Another Rememberance day has passed and we thank all you wonderful incredible women and men who went to war “oh crikey” we just can never thank you enough, and thank you for letting me photograph you and making my heart “tingle and glow” with your amazing stories of such bravery. “God bless this vanishing generation of true superstars.”

April 10

Loss of speech the happiest man in Britain.

Another  story of the power of #justsayhello Yesterday I was sitting in a Costa Coffee in deep deep suburbia  and a man walked past me with a limp and he was kind of wobbling  and almost dropped his cake and coffee the cafe was packed however no one offered to help him. So I walked […]

April 10

Celebrate people now not at their obituary

          Every day I read the obituaries columns  and my heart trembles at the incredible lives I read about. It could be a lady of 93 who spent 30 years raising  £30,000 for cancer research or a war veteran who in WW2 achieved things that are quite simply unbelievable or a […]

April 07

The Kindness Cafe

  Britain’s first kindness cafe; a place to say hello and celebrate our older generation. My personal crusade in life is to celebrate and bring our older generation to the forefront of society. This inspired me to create a picture wall of kindness in my local village, Chislehurst an art installation on an empty shop to […]

April 05

Treasure an older person everyday.

April 04

Children are the recipe for happy pensioners.

Everyday I say hello there to an older person . I once remember chatting to a lovely lady named Mary Pix over breakfast who was in her 80s, and  she said something very sad. I asked her how she felt out of ten that day and she said ” oh  Duncan about 4 out of […]

April 04

The glorious Lord Wigram

I am fortunate to belong to the Royal Air Force Club in Piccadilly, London only because my father Maurice Cuthbert Raban was in the RAF. My dad was a Wing Commander, he flew Sunderlands, gigantic flying boats – What a hero he was. Bless dad, he’s up in heaven now with many other wonderful men […]

March 31

Tina Turner still dancing at 76

Before I tell you my story with another fabulous oldie Tina now 76 here is a few paragraphs about my journey from Superstars to the other superstars of life like lonley Bob in Waitrose.  I have been fortunate to photograph some of the worlds biggest stars however today my true love is saying hello to […]