For photographer Duncan Raban, the world is a wonderful place in which to meet people and learn a little about their lives & their passions. It’s a place with endless possibilities for meaningful human encounters and a place where all people are equal. It’s also place – and this is VERY important – to have fun!

During a career spanning twenty-five years this personal philosophy has underpinned the way he works, whether photographing ‘A’ List stars form the world of entertainment or ‘ordinary’ people he meets along the way. His great skill is to get all people to drop their guard and reveal something of the ‘real person within’. His resultant pictures are full of life, energy and laughter. He has enjoyed great success, producing acclaimed pieces on figures such as Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Lionel Richie and Madonna and seen this and other work published across the world.

In 2005 he was asked to photograph Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The experience of working closely with medical staff, patients and relatives and in witnessing the extraordinary acts of bravery, dedication and compassion were to have a transformation effect on his life and his direction as a photographer.

“Today”, he says, “I am mainly interested in in finding people and stories from daily life. It is from within these ranks that I have encountered the real ‘stars’. I feel privileged to be allowed into people’s worlds and passionate about encouraging others to take a look around them, start conversations with people and get to know them. The real heroes are all around us!”

The work from Great Ormond street helped raise nearly £15 million and became a cover story in The Sunday Times Magazine.

Duncan’s personal credo, which he sticks to unwavering, is to say ‘Hello’ to a stranger every day of his life, introduce himself and learn something about who they are. This is an unusual documentary idea of great empathy, revealing a wealth of diverse and charming human tales.

Duncan talks on photography and runs workshops designed to show how the camera can be a vehicle for starting conversations, understanding one another more profoundly and working together more effectively. You might even learn how to take better pictures!

Duncan lives for and with his wife Louise and children Katie & Tom.