Hello everyone “Excuse the tears in my eyes”

Good morning to you all my name is John Moore I am 94. ”please excuse the tears in my eyes”
Once upon a time I was a young happy 18 year old and then suddenley I had to go to represent our country in a war.
So I did not have the teeange years many enjoy today instead I was blinded for life and then lost my voice from the shock of what I saw.

To day is a very very special day Remeberence day, where we remember all the wonderful men and women who went to war in WW2, many lost their lives.
Unless you were there like my self no one can really feel what we experienced. I never regained my sight or voice however I give everyone a smile I meet.
My message to you all is wherever you are in the world every day please justsayhello to a veteran like me as we are often living alone like myself and we love to talk and share our stories, may be sometimes take us for a cup of tea and cake.

When you get older you tend to spend most of your time with people of your age, although I have been blind almost 70 years I still love to be with young people the one thing us fabulous oldies really miss is talking to and listening to young peoples voices and hearing and sharing stories.

Thank you have a very beautiful day.image