April 10

Celebrate people now not at their obituary


Rememberance Day Veterans Parade - London

Rememberance Day Veterans Parade, horseguards parade, London. Bill Tanner, A Suez veteran 







Every day I read the obituaries columns  and my heart trembles at the incredible lives I read about.

It could be a lady of 93 who spent 30 years raising  £30,000 for cancer research or a war veteran who in WW2 achieved things that are quite simply unbelievable or a medical professor who has changed millions of lives with a discovery. Very  these stories are quite literally  jaw dropping to read often more interesting and stimulating , informative and educational  than every other article in the whole newspaper.

Best of all is these stories of people’s lives are so inspiring of what can be achieved by us all  if you have a real desire in your heart.

The obituaries of men and women in truth are quite simply incredible lessons of life and what can be achieved with true grit. I have read countless stories that have humbled me so much.


So my question to our editors is quite simply why do our celebrity obsessed media celebrate the true superstars of life why celebrate them  at the back of newspapers.


How about celebrating Great Britains real superstars now when they are alive.  I am sure everyone agrees that if obituaries were even re named to celebrating this incredible persons life and they  were moved to the beginning or the middle of a newspaper then more people especially some of our younger people may begin to realise  that our real superstars are our fabulous older generation as they are our walking libraries libraries of wisdom.

As I keep saying.  (Sorry ).  Everyday  I say hello to a 🌻🌻wonderful oldie 🌻🌻and as we all know  “oh crikey” they are bursting with such mesmerising stories that outshine any showbiz story.


I feel our media fail to realise the fact that the best stories that unlatch our hearts and educate us all  are the stories inside our grandparents and the wonderful older generation walking past us every day.  So it’s my massive mission is to inspire our editors to move the obituaries and possible re title them.  ….. celebrating the life of ….

My most challenging mission is to inspire Rupert Murdoch now a grand 90 years of age himself to make Page 3 in The Sun newspaper a unique page where we celebrate every day people “now ” and especially our older generation.

Can you imagine your neighbours like Bobby and Liz being celebrated  I believe it could  transform society in so many positive ways.

It’s ironic As I sit in this Cafe Nero typing this post  an older lady has just sat down opposite me so i #justsayhello and say how beautiful she is to her son Daniel and then he is hugging her and she is smiling like a sunflower she kisses him . He then holds her coffee and gives her a straw how loving is this.



I wonder what the beautiful Elida aged 93 thinking right this moment now?

Her name is Elida she was born 93 years ago in Argentina I ask about her childhood and her son says oh my god what a life she has had and again sitting here is another superstar

(Also folks ….. excuse picture quality of gorgeous oldie Elida as these are I phone snaps)


So Rupert please #celebrateourfabulousOldies today.