April 10

Loss of speech the happiest man in Britain.

imageAnother  story of the power of #justsayhello

Yesterday I was sitting in a Costa Coffee in deep deep suburbia  and a man walked past me with a limp and he was kind of wobbling  and almost dropped his cake and coffee the cafe was packed however no one offered to help him.
So I walked over to help him and of course said hello #justsayhello
He had a smile so big it almost knocked me over however  I noticed he could not speak so i helped him sit down he just laughing  and I thought who is this happy man

So I then went to my table and got my coffee to sit next to him
It sounds odd but I asked his name but of course he could not speak at all but another gigantic smile like a huge sunflower 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 appeared on his face he was actually laughing because he couldn’t speak
I was so I intrigued to find out who he was and why he could not speak and hear his story.
He had this amazing glow ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️. around him of kindness and happiness
Look at his picture and you can see a very handsome man too and I thought “crikey” he looks  like that superstar we all loved the wonderful Dick van Dyke from Mary Poppins ☂☂☂☂☂☂
Once I realised he could not speak I obviously wanted to communicate with him even more to find out what had happened to him
He could understand me perfectly so when I said what’s your name he tried to say GgGGGg Or or or or …..then he got a pencil out and could see he could not write clearly either . But after much effort eventually he drew the letters. G GG e gage ……in a childs writing. He kept trying to speak GgGGGg but one beautiful thing was he was laughing so much as together we tried to work out his name
Then when  I realised it was George   He started clapping and smiling even more but where was he from …. What had happened to his voice
So GEORGE may I ask what happened to your voice
This led to 20 minutes of drawing and signs with his hands that I then worked out 7 years ago when he was 63 he had a massive stroke which damaged the part of the brain that turns out thoughts into words that we  obviously speak through out mouths.

This simple pleasure we all take for granted had been taken from George
But he was still laughing so much☀️☀️☀️☀️

Now 45 minutes had passed. I knew his name and then discovered his childhood sweetheart and wife of 30 years  gave up on him and  ran off with someone after his stroke this took another 15 minutes of doodies and sign language .
Now an hour had passed and  it was exhausting as he could hardly write either just scribbles
“So George where do you live” .
This took another 20 minutes and  i discovered he lived on a farm that his grandparents left him
“Where is it ” George
This took another 15 minutes however its pretty close to where I live
“So George do you live on your own”
Believe it or not this took ages to work out as he could not draw it and we went through lots of suggestions
And eventually I got it. George lived with his twin brother on the farm but they dont get on too well but George was even laughing at that. I truly had never met someone so happy George  was a non stop smiling heart glowing  laughing machine and he had lost all use of his voice. Who was this superstar.  Our coffees were empty would you like a fresh one George and he then drew a cup with a heart on it I gathered he just loved his Costa coffee and  his finger flew up yes please then he jumped up pointed at a giant Costa caramel ice shake  💜💜💜💜💜mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he signalled with a another big smile what a man I had met here  thinking he could be such a great Costa ambassador



Even I was laughing a lot but was so amazing and inspiring was he seemed so so so happy and content.
So  folks when you chat today take a thought for how fortunate we are with the simple gift of being able to speak to a friend or loved one or a stranger ,although he appears very happy. George will never ever be able to tell any one a story or say to a loved one. ….. I love you or ever go for a pint or a meal and talk to others as I said that simple thing we can all do.
I was so engrossed communicating with George a truly beautiful human that made me so happy too. I left George with a glow and I even hugged thanking him
What a man I had met today a rather young fabulous oldie but “oh crikey” he made me so grateful of my ability  to speak

I walked to my car and a traffic  warden was kindly giving me a ticket for 7 minutes over my time, because I can talk I said  thank you so much.  “You need to meet George” and thinking of the pleasure George gave me  for nearly two hours and his huge disability it was worth a £40 fine

Excuse the picture it’s an I phone snap. I am driving  up to his farm tomorrow  to see if I can find him. Let’s see. God bless this lovely man. And wow would Dick Van Dyke loved to of met his double the wonderful human George who is right at the top of my slightly younger fabulous oldies list