April 07

The Kindness Cafe

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Britain’s first kindness cafe; a place to say hello and celebrate our older generation.

My personal crusade in life is to celebrate and bring our older generation to the forefront of society.

This inspired me to create a picture wall of kindness in my local village, Chislehurst an art installation on an empty shop to create the worlds first Kindness Cafe.


My idea was to celebrate our wonderful older generation with a huge wall of 150 photographs, along with coloured writing.  I put this art up at 2am and it looked so beautiful, even the police stopped and said ‘wow, this is fantastic, we’ll come and see it in the morning’.


I wanted to bring colour and joy to an average high street and most importantly get people to stop and think about how wonderful our older generation are. My crusade is to help bring our fabulous, often very lonely, older people to the forefront of society. These are our real superstars.


So my pop up art looked striking and I was keen to take a proper look the following morning and see people’s reactions. However, DISASTER,  the landlord of the empty shop was not amused, so at 8 am he ordered for my art to be ripped down.


I was so sad that my idea to create happiness and colour was destroyed in minutes.

20 local oldies from Chislehurst were pictured on the shop, some have gone to heaven and their pictures were torn up.


I was trying to bring some goodness to our high street and promote our pretty village of Chislehurst. I still hope my mission to promote “kindness” to others will go on, especially to our fabulous oldies.

Here is the first Kindness Cafe that sadly lasted just 6 hours.

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