March 29

Amazing stories are everywhere


I have to say I am quite literally  astonished that my recent post about the golden oldie superstar Bob Woods sitting alone in a supermarket cafe has had over 200,000 views in the past 7 days.

This has really inspired me to start  a #justsayhello campaign to work towards celebrating our wonderful older generation

So thank you all and for all the amazing kind comments from around the world , you have truly made my heart glow.

This simple story about just saying hello to a stranger has obviously touched the hearts of so many. It just confirms to me  that all humans love real stories about everyday people. A nice chat with an older person is something so special that touches a part of us all that no celebrity story can get too.

The central desire of anyone listening to a story  is that they want to be moved and hear stories that makes a emotional connection and that’s why my story about Bobs life touched so many people. We are living in one of the most emotionally cluttered times in history  and this little story created an emotional connection. Wonderful stories for you to tell others are walking past us all every day however these stories are  often hidden inside that older person in the supermarket, the bus queue or often sitting  at home” alone”

Our older generation are our walking libraries of wisdom and they are bursting with stories of their lives and it’s these stories that unlatch our hearts. What many fail to realise is that a conversation with an older person is such a comfort to our soul and makes us feel wonderful inside whenever I chat to a fabulous oldie I feel so uplifted.

Last week  I was in a Cafe Nero and saw an older couple walk they both had walking sticks and there were no comfy seats available so I jumped up and said hello would you like to sit here on this sofa “oh crikey that’s very kind of you ” I then said fancy a free coffee  “Pardon they both said ” that’s very kind of you are you quite sure

five minutes later I bring over two cappuccino and a cake.  There names were Maurice and Anita who was very glamorous and I thought she was aged around 75. I then asked may I ask you when was the moment you set eyes upon each other !  Well said Maurice let’s put it this way Duncan we have been married 75 years!   Hearing this my heart trembled you know that feeling when you feel a judder  and then when they told me they were aged  95 and 97 I almost dropped my coffee.

So may I ask then when did you set eyes on each other ( this is always a great question to ask an older couple )

Maurice went on to tell me he in May  1939 he was working in Birmingham in the spitfire airplane factory he was an engineer.  And one day after work he went to meet his friend Fred for a few beers who was staying at a Guest house  while looking for a job .   Maurice sat in the lounge to wait for his friend and  a very pretty lady appeared with a suitcase.  “That was me said Anita ”

As his friend Fred was not there they both  began to chat  . Anita had just arrived from Belgium  then the landlady said “I do apologise but your room will not be ready for a hour ”

So Maurice said as my friend is not here, Anita  would you like to go for a walk in the park opposite the guest house until your room is ready

“Oh yes that would be nice” said Anita. One hour and a half later as they left the park Maurice tore open his packet of Senior Service cigarettes and wrote in pencil ?  Anita I think I am in love with you !  “Will you marry me”

Six weeks later they got married in London and Anita became the First Lady to make tail planes in the spitfire factory in Birmingham .  Maurice and Anita have been happily married for 75 years and I simply could not believe what I had stumbled across just by saying “hello there”  As we carried on chatting for an hour and this older for couple Maurice and Anita were still holding hands , what a love story this is and a lesson for us all of what pure love really is.

Where are the pictures you may ask well  I did not have my  camera with me however I do have their telephone number to arrange another meeting

I am telling this story as I know there are thousands of these stories inside ever older person  if you simply #justsayhello

I have to say Maurice and Anita took me into another world and I just cannot wait to see them again.   So let’s inspire our youth to treasure our fabulous older generation and if you have grandparents ask them about their lives as they will without doubt have stories that will unlatch your heart.

IMG_36241-1024x682 Sadly wonderful Bob will not see the amazing comments  as Bob recently went to heaven where I am sure he will never ever be “Alone ” ever again.  God bless you Bob for letting me into your life.