March 17

One tooth Geoffrey


I swim in a local pool and I often see a very tall man get into the water at the opposite end. He is probably 75 and he wears a very pulled up vintage swimming costume.

On this day he was swimming backstroke. I could not help notice a fountain of water 2 feet high spurting out of his mouth.

It was a perfect ark of water every 2 meters he swam backwards.

I had to say ‘Hello!’.

I said: ‘I love the fountain of water you are spurting as you swim. It looks like a wale.’

Then Geoffrey said: ‘Oh, yes. Thanks. I’m so old now, I am leaking.

Geoffrey only has one tooth, I asked him to pose for a picture and he dipped under the water like a child and popped his head out flapping his hands.

IMG_0664 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0676

He was so funny.

He lived a life dedicated to the civil service and always a very quiet man, he kept to himself. He said: ‘However, at 76 I feel just like a child again, without a worry in the world.’

How envious I was.