March 01

Londons most colourful lady.

Traveling on the London tube in the rush hour is no fun i was standing crushed in middle of all the packed commuters

however, at the end of the carriage I could just see a ladies head a glow of bright pink which was unusual who is this I thought  so I pushed my way through the sardine packed carriage to #justsayhello and standing there was this beautiful angel-like lady. She was covered in layers of different pink tops.

I said ‘Crikey! WOW! You look amazing!’ and a huge smile appeared

‘I am Marina, the Pink Flamingo.’ Then she said ‘I am getting off now, it was very nice to meet you.’

‘Arg… Arg’ I said. Please please ‘Let’s take a few pictures of you …. Sometimes I am so desperate to be creative and just take some pictures my mind was telling me quick quick  ….picture opportunity picture opportunity and #justsayhello


Then she got off. I immediately thought ‘ Who is she? Oh, no! Picture opportunity gone.’ I was already late for a meeting, however, when I meet someone wonderful I feel I need to stop time. I just felt I had to photograph her more. I wanted to shoot her running along the platform. I had to decide in 2 seconds ‘Shall I chase after this glowing angel?’

I was then trapped between the doors with my camera on the the inside. A passenger pulled the doors open and I leapt to the glow of pink on the top of the escalators. I pushed and pulled myself to the top and shouted ‘Gorgeous Pink Flamingo! Wait!’


She turned and smiled and said ‘Hey, what do you want?’

Huffing out of breath, I said ‘ I just had to capture your beauty for others to see.’

‘Ooh.’ she said.

I then persuaded her to come back down the escalator to the tunnels and platform. She said ‘I have 2 minutes.’


I asked her to run towards me like a pink happy butterfly.


Marina was an artist, a free spirit. What a magical lady she was. We are having a posh tea next week.

Top Photography Tip: Often, it’s just worth the extra effort to say ‘Hello!’ to a stranger, specially if you love photography like I do, because it forces you to think fast on your feet as I had to on the tube. Also, it’s another opportunity to practice to shoot really fast, work out the exposure, to bring out the sparkle in people’s hearts. Yes, I was 20 minutes late but best of all I met a truly gorgeous soul what a beautiful lady Marina aged a mere  77 and of course another #fabulousoldie