February 21

The delectable Shirley 93




Another rather nice person.

Today, as I walked through Victoria Station in a hurry, late for a meeting, I noticed an older lady in a wheelchair with white bandages around both her hands.

She looked alone as she was sitting in the middle of the station. As usual, people just bypassed her as if she was something in the way. She had a really sweet little face with a rather prominent brown hair piece. I just watched her for 2 minutes and then thought I have to say ‘Hello there!’

A huge beaming smile appeared at me and a big giggle – ‘Oooh! Who are you I said. Are you OK?’

‘I am just fine. I am people watching. I love people. I have just come up from the seaside to see Wicked, the play.’


Shirley said: ‘Why did you say Hello like that, no-one says Hello in London’

‘Yes, they do’ I said.

I was now 15 minutes late but “Who cares?”. I am chatting to Shirley of Eastbourne, who has severe multiple sclerosis and open wounds on her hands. However, Shirley was so so so so happy.

I told her  she was so gorgeous, she had to salute me as she was in World War 2. She was so so sweet, a truly wonderful little lady. On July 16th I am taking her for a cream tea on the beach in Eastbourne and interview her about her wonderful life.8E4A9804

Yes, I as 30 minutes late for a meeting but, does it matter in 5 years time when I met a delectable lady like Shirley Mccall, aged 89? My new Auntie, maybe.