January 11

Best friends Brenda and Nelly

Hello there!  The other day I was walking through The Glades Shopping Mall in Bromley Kent – Yes folks, I was in deep English suburbia – when I saw two fabulous oldies sitting on a bench laughing, so I walked over to them and said:

‘Hello there girls , you look very happy!’

And they said ‘Ooh, yes. We are always happy.’


They were such lovely ladies aged 76 and 77. Their names were Brenda and Nelly. I asked how long they had known each other and they giggled like two school girls.

Then they said ‘Well, actually we met 71 years ago, at school.’

I said ‘WOW! That’s amazing!’

They haven’t seen each other for over 55 years because they both got married and lost touch. However, 5 years ago both their husbands have sadly passed away. Two years after that, they met by pure chance at a bus stop and they now live two streets away from each other. Now, they meet at this bus stop 5 days a week at 11 AM and go out together. I thought this sounds like the life I would like, meeting your best friend every day and being as free as a bird to go out together.

What a wonderful fairy tale, they were best pals at school, aged 5 and 6, and now, 70 years later, they are going out together again. Can you imagine the hundreds of stories they had tucked up inside them? That would be 50 years of marriage, having children, building a family, going to work and on vacation. Buckets of wisdom from their lives experiences.


I then told them, as they were so gorgeous, I was going to take their photograph and make them feel sexy. They giggled and said ‘Oooh, it’s been a while since we felt sexy.’

I posed them up together and picked up Brenda’s legs, put them on to her friends’ lap and pushed them up close together. At the same time, I was distracting them from my camera by telling them how glamorous and they both were. They were in hysterics, like giggling school girls.

_MG_2325 2

As I was doing this, another older lady sat down on the bench and I said ‘Hello. Who are you? Would you like to join us for a sexy ladies photo?’

Her name was Joy and she was 81 and within seconds I had them all cuddled up together, laughing so much.


This whole episode of me seeing them chatting on the bench, hearing their life stories and photographing them had taken ten minutes, so it just shows you only have to say ‘Hello there!’ to a fab oldie and you will hear so many stories pour out of them.

Our older generation are everywhere and all of them have very full lives and they all have hundreds of stories to tell us about their lives. Why isn’t there a TV show called “The Brenda and Nelly Show” or “The Fabulous Oldies Show”?


I meet these wonderful people every day and when I just say ‘Hello there! How are you?’ They almost collapse that someone has said hello. How sad is this? All these thousands of fabulous oldies are full of stories to tell us and educate us with their wisdom and are being ignored.

As I said goodbye, Brenda gave me a kiss and asked me if I would like to meet them for a cream tea next week. They really were so fabulous they had to be know all over the UK.

The Sun BRENDA NELLY 23.08.12