January 10

60 years of love.

I was walking through a shopping mall yesterday, when I noticed a smart older couple enjoying a sandwich. So, as I love to say hello to strangers, I said:

‘Hello there! Those sandwiches look nice, what are they?’

‘Oh, we love them here.’ the lady replied. ‘They are egg mayonnaise.’

I sat down and began talking to them. Fred and Gladys had been married for 52 years and appeared so happy together. So I posed them up for one of my ‘truly in love’ shots and they loved the attention.Treasure your family. Treasure your family.

However this story has a rather sad ending, as six weeks after I took this picture I bumped into Gladys but she was alone. She told me that her husband Fred had passed away and gone up to heaven.

So we sent her these photographs, which she loved so much. The moral of this happy but sad story is to photograph your older parents together or on their own because you don’t know what can happen at any time of any day and those special memories will mean so much.